The “Giant’s Despair” Hillclimb. The “Gator Gamble” National Rally. The “Barefoot Mailman” National Rally. The “Beaver Trek” National Rally. The “Rustler’s Run” Rally. These historic SCCA events represent just a sampling of the more than 1,000 events memorialized in the form of dash plaques in the SCCA Archives.

As they continue their work cataloguing and organizing the contents of the Archives, Joe Cali and Rick Hughey continue to uncover many different ways the history of the club has been preserved over decades. The two Archives technicians found four shoe boxes labeled “event momentos” containing dash plaques dating from 1954 through 1979. Organized in envelopes identifying the date, event, sponsor and often the donor, the plaques are sorted by the type of event (rally, solo, race).

SCCA Hall of Fame member Harry Handley compiled the collection of dash plaques during his service as the SCCA Archivist, a position he de facto created when the SCCA office relocated from Westport, Connecticut to Denver, Colorado. Having served as the first manager of Rally/Solo for the club, Handley is credited for originating the Archives and saving much of the club’s history from the dumpster during the relocation. He continued to serve in that capacity until his passing in 1996.

The dash plaques tell the story of events held by SCCA regions across the country. An oval plaque with a lasso border memorializes “The Chisholm Trail National Rally” hosted in 1960 by the Texas Region SCCA and the Dallas Sports Car Club. A sliver and white rectangular plaque announces the “Schlitz Cup Series 1970” and is in an envelope on which Handley noted: “This series was the 1st National involvement in Solo II events & led to the establishment of the National Run-Offs.”