As the SCCA looks to the future, its women’s initiative, “Women on Track,” is working to promote and encourage women to have #FunWithCars on an equal level. Through regional efforts, mentorship, national contingency and scholarships, this program aims to remove barriers to entry for women in motorsport and to encourage increased participation. Women can join the Women on Track Community on Facebook here:

The SCCA Foundation is contributing to the initiative by managing the Wendi Allen Scholarship Fund. The Foundation is funding two awards of up to $1,500 each (as the available Fund balance will allow) to help two female SCCA members offset the costs of Solo participation for that year, including attending the Solo Nationals. In addition, MAZDA has funded a third scholarship up to $1,500 each year. Additionally, the SCCA has agreed to waive the event entry fees for the scholarship recipients at all National Solo events attended during the year, as well as work with the Solo community and commercial partners to seek out other forms of support for the recipients, such as driver training, mentoring, products, and logistical assistance.

Selection Criteria:  Winners of the award are based on two basic criteria. First, the selected drivers will have displayed a certain level of success and skill behind the wheel. Second, winners will also be very involved individuals in the Solo Community in leadership positions at a Region level or in other ways that give back to the Solo community.

Selection Committee: The Selection Committee consists of championship caliber women Solo drivers with the task of seeking out nominations, considering the merits of those nominated, and making a final selection.